COVID-19 Policy - Effective 2/8/21

To our valued clients-

We have been tracking the COVID-19 situation carefully in Maine and have noticed the cases have been steadily trending downward – it seems the holiday spike is finally coming to an end!  We will be very happy to welcome clients back into the building with their pets starting on Monday 2/8.  We will have the following protocol going forward –

  1. Please continue to call from your car to check in and wait in your vehicle until a staff member directs you into the building.

  2. Please have 1 family member accompany the pet into the hospital per visit. An exception to this will be made for all euthanasia appointments, to allow all family members to be with their pet during such a difficult time. If you have more than one family member with you for a non-euthanasia visit, please have the other members stay in the vehicle during the visit. If you are a single adult with children, we can perform a curbside visit.

  3. If you do not want to come into the building and would like to have a curbside appointment, where we take your pet into the building while you wait in the vehicle, please let the staff know when you call to check in.

  4. After you arrive in the building, a staff member will direct you to a room for you to wait in (we are not using the lobby for waiting at this time).A technician will come into the room and get a history, then we will perform the examination out into our treatment area to minimize staff time in the room. After the exam, the doctor will come into the room to review exam findings and recommendations with you.

  5. We will disinfect all touched surfaces in the rooms (chairs, tables, door handles) in between each appointment.

  6. We will continue to do all medication and food pickups curbside. Please call when you arrive and a staff member will take your payment info over the phone and then take your products out to your vehicle.

  7. If you have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19, please ask a friend or family member to take your pet to their visit for you. If you cannot find someone else to help you and your pet needs to be seen, kindly let our staff know ahead of time so we can take extra precautions.

Again, we hope that this protocol will be short-lived, and that our staff members will be able to be vaccinated and resume completely normal operations soon. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding our protocol.

  • Dr Belliveau and Staff